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Born 1992 in Inner Mongolia
Graduate from Tokyo university of the art in 2020
Lives and works in Japan

photo by Fabian Hammerl

Since moving to Japan in 2016, HABURI has reflected on the contradictions between personal emotions and urban systems, consumer culture, and questions that surround the margins of society in contrast to mainstream existential issues in modern society. He does this through a series of artistic practices that include painting, performance, installation and photography drawn from his experience of living in the city of Tokyo as an international art student researching the depth of the human experience in the city.

After graduating from his Master degree at the Tokyo University of the Arts in 2020, HABURI participated in a residency project in Tohoku, Japan, creating contemporary landscapes based on the theme of artificial objects integrated into natural objects. In 2021, HABURI exhibited portraits created at the latitude that Inner Mongolia and Tohoku, Japan share. He focused on reflecting the experience of urban life contrasted to the identity of individuals living in places in contemporary society in the context of globalization. In the same year, he exhibited still life paintings at the Kazenosawa Museum discussing the dramatic changes in people's daily lives because of the pandemic.

Solo Exhibitions

2023 Don't come back home, if it is not necessary, Yamanaka Suplex annex "MINE",Osaka

2023 Drive landscape, Ginga101, Kyoto, Japan

2022     Shepherd of Hohhot, SUKUMO Gallery, Kyoto, Japan

2022     You don’t know where I’m from, F/Actory Gallery, Tokyo, Japan

2021     Still life recently, Kazenosawa Museum, Miyagi. Japan

2021     FROM 40°N TO 39°8'N, Cafe & Living UCHIDA / Café & Gallery 1231, Iwate, Japan

2020     OBSCURED LANDSCAPE, SATO / Café & Gallery 1231 / Commons SpaceIwate, Japan

Group Exhibitons

2023  HARAIZUMI ART DAYS 2023, HARAIZUMI art project, Shizuoka, Japan

2023  HARAIZUMI ART CAMP 2023, HARAIZUMI art project, Shizuoka, Japan

2022     Portrait of Humanity: FACE & LIPS, GALLERY HAYASHI + ART BRIDGE, Tokyo,Japan

2020     Small Paintings, GALLERY IRO, Tokyo,Japan

2020     Made in China  About HK, 68th Tokyo University of the Arts Graduation Works Exhibitions, Tokyo, Japan

2019     April TOKYO Independent 2019,  Group Exhibitions, Tokyo,Japan

2019     EAST ASIAN WAVES - Art Exhibiton,  Ateller-Mura Gallery, Gallery KIGAWA-SO,Tokyo,Japan

2017     Exhibition of Research Students in OilPainting department, Tokyo university of the art, Tokyo, 


​2015     Inner Mongolia Youth art exhibition, Inner Mongolia, China


2019     Chiharu Shiota Solo Exhibition Auxiliary. TOKYO.MORI Museum.

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