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Today's Story
​2021/7/22 - 7/25

I looked around the room and saw the protective supplies I was using for the COVID-19. (I guess you could say they are currently household items.) I'm still not used to seeing them everywhere. But at the same time I'm getting used to them.


Now that COVID-19 has been going on for a year and a half, I want to tell the story of what is happening today through these still life paintings. Who are we? How will our lives change? There is still uncertainty and change. Where will our future life take us?


At the same time, I have been reflecting on the age-old theme of still life. In the past, still life painters redefined their own identity through the most accurate depiction of the everyday objects around them. Through the objects in his paintings, the artist communicated his outlook and philosophy on life to the public. Even today, I believe still life paintings have a similar function. These pictures give us hints all the time, rekindle our interest in everyday life, and keep our sensitivity to things around us from dulling.


©Habur i

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