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After the art show

Some thoughts and reflections on "Made in China,About HK


"Graduation Production exhibition at Tokyo University of the Arts"

I started to make preparations in August 2019. At the beginning, I just had an idea about the Hong Kong repatriation incident that happened in June at that time. Events are brewing. On the Internet, major media platforms are constantly reporting related matters. And I follow some friends in Hong Kong and Taiwan, and they often discuss what is happening in Hong Kong, and share pictures and videos.

So I began to make a plan in September 2019. After that, I contacted a 3D printing company in mainland China, and then agreed on the production price, the material and size of the work.

With all of these yellow splashes, they lose and destroy the functionality of each object through 3D printing. It turns into a symbol. These symbols not only represent what is happening in Hong Kong, including guns, tear gas, handcuffs and gas masks, but also cover the issues of gun sensitivity, terrorism and human rights persecution that exist around the world today. And in China, many activists are arrested and imprisoned every year. I commissioned the 3D printing company in China to make it, and I also wanted to convey the dependence of commodity production worldwide on the Chinese market and Chinese manufacturing today. The irony, then, is that China's authoritarian society has also created a crisis of universal values around the world. Like the Hong Kong problem, it's made in China. I was born in China, and as a Chinese identity, I used a Chinese factory to make a theme about Hong Kong, which was presented in Tokyo, and what that means is today's complex relationship between identity, international and venue.

"About the Internet"

I have never been to Hong Kong, and all the events are known through the Internet. I follow the news and reports of Hong Kong events on YouTube, Twitter and Instagram every day. Through videos, photos and we media. My main source of information is Instagram, or my work is also a response to Instagram. Because Instagram is more visual and graphic to other social media. So the idea of this work comes from images and images on the Internet. I learned about the incident as did most of the public. Because it is a common state for people today to understand the world and build their own knowledge structure through the Internet. Then everyone also has limitations in this respect, and I want to make use of these limitations to make this work.

"Freedom is a wing that grows on the soul"

This is an online campaign I launched in late 2019: a project to depict the protesters in Hong Kong -- about the symbiotic relationship between social media, communication and art. I posted about the project on social media, and people who wanted to participate got in touch with me, and they drew pictures of the protesters. After receiving their paintings, I will post them on my Instagram again. In this way, everyone naturally participates and can finish such a simple painting anytime and anywhere. Because there is a lot of news about Hong Kong on the Internet.

Each different picture is painted in a different place and environment, presenting information in the picture. For example, in the coffee shop, when having dinner with friends. Hong Kong may at that moment become gossip and gossip, intervene in our daily life.



"Made in China.About HK" involves the mechanism of industrial production, division of labor and cooperation

In the whole work, I put the cooperation mechanism in a very important position. Personally, I only put forward a request and the final installation in this work. The whole process and production are completed by cooperation, transportation, the initiation of network activities and the participation of many people.

It involves resource mobilization, assignment of tasks, and ultimately I supervise as a planner

Since 2018, my work has been about collaboration. I have worked with many different people on installations and video performance art

In this work, I, as an artist, do not participate in the production, but the workers and 3D companies complete my work, which is transported to Japan, so this work also involves China, Hong Kong and Tokyo in terms of space.

After I finished my work, I will show it in the graduation exhibition of Tokyo University of the Arts as scheduled.

And then I took them to the streets of Japan, and I took them with people who marched through the streets.

In addition, the scenes of these objects appearing in the streets are restored, and the protesters interact with the people in the streets together.

3d打印 制作过程.jpg
邮寄 资料 香港.jpg
邮寄地址 放大版.jpg

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