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umbrella installation,3D-printed ,scraps of paper,paintings,Internet project, voice 

  • 黑色的Instagram圖標

Through the internet, news, video and social media, I have been following the democratic movements in Hong Kong, including the campaign against the amendment of the extradition law, which began in June 2019. It’s affecting people's understanding and awareness of today's political movements. Young people initiate marches and events through the internet. My work is also an "automatic response" to the information dissemination through the network. 

The movement continues to this day, gradually turning violent. 

The exhibition is made up of several parts, including an umbrella installation, 3d-printed objects made in China, paintings created based on printed objects, online collection of protesters’ portrait paintings, and voice extractions from the Hong Kong protesting scenes. 

I tried to put these elements together in this space. 

Umbrellas are the common tool used by young protesters in Hong Kong to ward off the tear gas released by the police. Umbrellas have been a key tool in Hong Kong's struggle for democracy since the city's umbrella movement. 

Live images and videos of the event are broadcast daily on the Internet. I selected the representative props and objects used by the police and the demonstrators during the clashes, and printed them with a 3d printer. These props were made in mainland China and then shipped to Tokyo via Hong Kong. 


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