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FROM 40°N TO 39°8‘N

2021/3​/9 - 3/28

From 2015, I began to depict my family and friends in my hometown of Inner Mongolia.

Think about your relationships with the people around you. Trying to bring out the radiance, the inwardness, the spirituality of that person.

The paintbrush traces are left on the painting, making people feel that time is flowing on the painting.


Then, during the five years I lived in Tokyo,

I feel strongly that under the influence of capitalism and the commercialization of society, personal feelings are ignored.

So I stopped making works about people.


Since I came to Iwate in 2020, I have cared about people again. At the same time, the memory of Inner Mongolia has been awakened.

Started painting faces with the inhabitants of Iwate.


This time, I will also show the figure paintings created on the respective land.

Compare works created in the same latitude, different cultures and environments, think about the influence of time and place on the works, and reflect on the characters' personalities, feelings, identities, etc. contained in portraits of today's times.

Cafe & Living UCHIDA

2021.3.9 tue - 3.20 sat


Cafe ́& Gallery1231

2021.3.18 thu - 3.28 sun


©Habur i

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