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A 10-day table


Inner Mongolia/China


The 10-day table was completed in 10 days after I returned to my hometown in Hohhot from Tokyo during my summer vacation in 2018

Photography project. When I returned home after living in Tokyo for two years, my mother cooked food for our three-person family.

Here I record every meal I ate at home with my parents for 10 days. Including breakfast, lunch and dinner.


Through these images, I want to think and discuss the changes that have taken place in the family of origin today.

This change is the result of globalization and the absence of family members.

The original three-person family had little chance to become complete after I studied in other countries, and this sense of absence affected our emotions.

When three families eat together, a complete family structure is formed.

画板 2-100.jpg

©Habur i

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